Raising capital

We are looking to raise money by means of Crowd Funding - we will raise money from interested people where we will repay the investors with a single payment from us of 125% of whatever they invest, at the end of one year. That is all the repayment given to investors as we will not have need of outside investment after the first year - the company will run profitably from day one other than the required spending needed on facilities. Contact us at chris@Nude-House.com to inquire and to make such investment as you wish.

You can decide to donate from £50 to £60,000 and I will give you a receipt guaranteeing your entitlement to receive, one year hence, a sum of money equivalent to 125% of the submitted amount.

Call me on 07739 259247 to make arrangements and discover how to make payment to me.

The project will carry on under the title Friendly-Girls.co.uk – the females all display themselves to pre-booked customers and will be visiting them in their offices around London (to start with) for an hour accompanied by an assistant (also one of our girls) who will mind them and watch out for them. The intention is to allow the girls to very safely show themselves naked to the customers but never to allow or encourage any sexual activities – they are nude models and entertainers, nothing more.

The customers may take any photographs they desire with the contractual proviso that they not publish any photos on the Internet. The customers pay us in advance and all the display work is carried out on business premises and in normal business hours.

We will be providing the only opportunity available to have young women visit the customers in their offices and for them to show themselves to the single customer at each client company. We will actually allow up to three customers at each client company to allow friends of the main client to share in enjoying the experience. It is our early intention to recruit as many as 2,000 girls who will work in pairs together in the London area before moving on to other areas of the UK.

So this is a live experience using real girls – not using pictures on the net – and will command a decent return for the girls.

This business is relatively safe for each of the staff and perfectly legitimate and legal. After the show is complete the girls redress and leave safely.

It is the intention to grow the company’s offering and to make considerable net income and profits continuously over a period of many years - so you are very welcome to make contact with me to discover more permanent and longer term investment that can become available.

Telephone me on 07739 259247 to make arrangements to invest or merely to discuss matters or contact chris@Nude-House.com to talk with me.

Recruiting Now

Jobs Offered

Female manager wanted

Girl wanted to help me look after and manage dozens of nude young female models to be recruited for my new company – each working for sessions of one hour each day in London – or maybe more often - at client’s own offices based within London.

You would work nude all the time at the office and be able to instruct the girls to show all their body parts to the clients. You would watch over each interview with all the models.

The models could work with a female minder or could work as one of two performers several times every weekday.

The girls work in pairs to protect each other either as a single performer with a female minder or as a pair of performers.

Call me – Chris - on 07739 259247 to arrange a two-hour interview with me.

Female models wanted in London

Girls aged 18+ to 35 wanted as nude models to work in pairs at various clients in their own offices around London.

In the short term 2 or 4 girls are sought, in the longer term we want about 2,000 girls as models.

As the performer you will earn from £160 to £250 per hour, as the minder you will earn from £60 to £100. Sexual services are not allowed with the clients.

If you are a pair of performers then each one of the two performers will each earn from £250 to £350

Preferably come to the interviews as a pair of girls happy to work in this way and be jointly interviewed and be prepared to be nude.

Call me – Chris - on 07739 259247 to arrange a two-hour interview with me.

Business location confirmer

I need one person to start with to visit every client and confirm their instructions of how to get to the client’s office and meet with the principle client and confirm that they understand what they have to provide. This person will also confirm the details including that they understand that the models will not accept anything to eat or drink and that they will arrive on a certain date and time.

All the photographs taken by the client will belong to the client except they must promise to never allow the images to appear anywhere on the Internet. The images should remain the property of the client and can be used only for fun.

Payment will be negotiated on accepting the job.

Call me – Chris - on 07739 259247 to arrange an interview with me.