This page introduces Nude-House, which is the first company in the world that utilises the selling skills of nudists to create a comfortable environment for these nudists to operate from commercially. We are promoting the fact that this is the first of many Nude-Houses around the world to acheive this.

Welcome to the Nude-House main page - that details what we do here.

If you can sell you can earn lots here - possibly 240,000 pounds or more per year. If you are a nudist do not just read here, earn very well with us.

This particular part of the company is designed for Nudists and all the staff will be naked all day long. This page and site is only for Nudists - for whom clothing in not-optional, it is forbidden. Everyone works totally nude.

We are presently looking for many staff to work here - both males and females - but almost all the staff have to be able to sell our software system over the phone and over the Internet. See our Jobs page for details of the various jobs offered.

Our initial offices will be in Amersham, Bucks, England. We are sited currently just yards away from a London Underground railways station on the Metropolitan line and a British Rail station. We will move soon into London and will exist in many other locations and many countries and usually in major cities to make recruitment easier for more people.

Read our Welcome page and more.

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If you can suggest other locations to us then please email us and let us know. Also if you would want to work with us in these other locations then let us know at the same time. If you want to run any of these new locations then also let us know - if will not cost you anything other than hard work - but you can earn a fortune, every year.

Each office will be need to be between a minimum of 1500 square feet (140 square meters) including self-contained facilities. The offices will be maintained at 25-26 degrees Celcius. We can accommodate 20 or so sales staff in these offices.

Tell us - using the Contact Us section - if you could sell for us nude.

We offer on the jobs page, a partnership arrangement where you can do very well without investing any money, just time and energy, in your own location. Setting up a New Nude-House

There is no pornography on this site and there are no adult services offered via this site - the staff are all naked but customers of the services will never know that - it is a private arrangement for the benefit of the staff alone.